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How do I Kickstart Marketing for My Business?


In this episode of "Marketing that Pops," hosts Michele Ringelberg and Olivia Johnson discuss the challenges small businesses face in marketing, such as budget constraints, audience targeting, content creation, social media changes, and ROI measurement. They offer practical solutions, including setting measurable goals, analyzing competitors, creating buyer personas, and managing budgets effectively. Michele and Olivia stress the importance of consistency and invite listeners to seek assistance with their marketing needs. They debunk the myth of needing to market to everyone and conclude by encouraging feedback and subscriptions for future episodes, promising valuable insights in their journey through "Marketing that Pops.



Key Takeaways

Allocating a substantial marketing budget, typically ranging from 5-10% of revenue.

Targeting the right audience is paramount for success

  • emphasizing the importance of setting clear and specific goals in marketing endeavors.
  • Consistent content creation by a specialist is crucial, alongside understanding different personas within your audience.
  • Make your budget work for you by creating a detailed plan and evaluating past marketing campaigns for insights.
  • ThrivePop offers customized support and solutions to enhance your marketing efforts effectively.
  • Debunked Myth: Do we need to market to everyone?