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MJBizCon 2022: What You Need To Know

It’s that time again! Are you ready? That’s right. MJBizCon is returning to Las Vegas and this year will be bigger than ever. Cannabis businesses from all over the world will converge on Sin City for this incredible 4-day Expo selling wares and addressing interests in all walks of the cannabis world. With over 35,000 people poised to attend and more than 1400 vendors including cultivation productions & services, processing, packaging & Lab services, retail & dispensary, and business services. If you have a passion for cannabis, you will feel like you have reached Nirvana. And exhibit space is still available. So, get ready, plan your trip, and dress for a Nevada November, because MJBizCon will be here very soon. Let us help you prepare.
What is MJBizCon?

It is the largest conference in the cannabis industry. Formerly called the Las Vegas Cannabis Convention, this expo gives newcomers and industry insiders a chance to enhance their presence within the scope of cannabis-based business. This is your opportunity to hobnob with entrepreneurs from all walks of life in the realm of cannabis, get tips to enhance your section of the niche, and even find new networking contacts. There is a warning we should provide if you are a first-timer. The convention is enormous, there are lots of business owners and insiders who have their foot deep in the industry, and the schedule is packed. It is basically like walking into a Rock Concert where dozens of your favorite bands are playing at once. It can be very overwhelming.

Planning ahead is your best defense against almost certain newcomer anxiety. You are attending to be enriched, learn, grow and network as a business owner. Getting your needs handled early is the best way to enjoy the convention at your own pace and without stress.

Why You Should Attend

You run a small cannabis business. It is working, growing at a leisurely pace, but your competition’s business is exploding, stealing some of your customers and your profits. How can you fix this problem? You need new friends, inside information, and a stream of products that your competitor doesn’t have. You need a change, a revitalization, and a new lease on your corner of the market. This is just one of the scenarios that dictate the need to attend the convention. Maybe you are hemorrhaging money getting your business noticed as a brand, or cannot effectively market, or your product is going bad before you can move it. These problems and so many more are all addressed, all designed to help you flourish.

You got into this business to make money and connections. At MJBizCon, you will learn new ways to do just that with information and advice only known by those in this special niche market. It is designed with career seekers and business owners in mind, but there will also be plenty of enthusiasts around who might be your next new customers. The possibilities are endless.

How Can It Benefit Me Most

With tips and info, you will learn how to make more money with your current inventory, allowing you to expand your stock into new and exciting strains and paraphernalia. You will make not just a whole lot of new connections, but the right connections, people who are in the know in the cannabis world. And with fact-based projections, you will see firsthand how the cannabis industry is primed to explode in the coming years. This is not an expo set up in a tent with a handful of “experts.” It is being held in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Experts in cannabis growth and maintenance, business professionals, and a truckload of industry speakers would not settle for anything less. And neither should you. At MJBizCon, the vendors you need are easy to access, willing to help, and eager to assist in your business’s growth.

And if that wasn’t enough, be our guest and get 10% Off Registration with promo code EXIV3174!

  • Friendly Reminders and Ideas When Attending LVCC is huge. It is Las Vegas after all. Wear comfortable shoes. You will do a lot of walking.
  • Plan your hotel stay and book it now. The earlier the better. Cannabis is big business and hotels will fill up fast. It is not necessary to stay on the primary strip (Also called Paradise City). Rooms at the Stratosphere, Sahara, and Circus Circus are a short hop away from LVCC and they are very affordable.
  • Make an itinerary. There will be lots of speakers, vendors, and exhibitors. At last count the exhibitors and vendors were north of 1400 and speakers during the 4 days total over 180. Plan your day accordingly. If you want to see a particular forum or talk, details will be available on the Expo website and numerous other sites advertising the events.
  • There will be outdoor events as well. November in Las Vegas can be chilly. Pack a jacket. You won’t regret it.
  • Make your own business cards to hand out. If no one knows who you are and what you do, they cannot utilize your skills and wares. Promote yourself. You are your brand. Create some recognition.
  • Finally, budget NOW. While you can book your room and register ahead, going to MJBizCon with nothing in your wallet is not only foolish, it can be detrimental to your future success. You might find a strain you want to try or sell in your shop. Free samples are not common here. Expect to spend some investment capital. Upside, it’s tax deductible.

Final Suggestions

Visit the website meta tagged on this paragraph to get more details about MJBizCon to get more info. Knowledge is power, especially in business. And find the two lounges within the expo for necessary chill time and liquid refreshment. Staying hydrated is crucial to keeping your mind sharp and your wits keen, especially in a room that is over 300,000 square feet.

Have a great time. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

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