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Digital Display Advertising That Works

linkedin-sales-navigator-403843-unsplashDigital Display Advertising  can cause business owners so much stress that it is breaking their HEARTS.

If they don't choose the right marketing team they could be risking thousands of dollars if there are no conversions. It is crazy, but  people are more apt to have heart attacks than they are to click on a Digital Display Ad. This is bad news for business owners who spend their money and resources Digital Display Advertising!

Successful digital display ads will target prospects during a specific time of day and will provide a compelling offer with some urgency. The likelihood or possibility that the customer may not convert can leave business owners frustrated.

To help with your display ad blues, here are some expert tips for the best display ad practices that are sure not to break your heart! 

1. Use Attention Grabbing Headlines That Arouse Curiosity 

In Every Case Your Headline Must:

  • Talk to your prospects hot buttons
  • Be Written In Plain English
  • Be Tight and Concise

Although it is tempting to include as much information in your ad as possible, doing this may actually hurt you. The best display ads will hit your prospects hot buttons, will be easy to understand, and to the point.  If your ad does not contain these 3 elements you will severely limit your response rate and return on your investment of your marketing dollars.

2. Use High Quality Assets and Branding

Just because you have to keep it simple and small does not mean you have to discount the quality of the content you display. Use high quality graphics, imagery, or photography as well as easy to read fonts and type-faces to grab the attention of your consumer. Adding your brands logo or aesthetic can only give you advantage and help to make the consumer experience all-encompassing when they click on your beautiful ad.

3. Stand Out - Don't Be Boring!

When you are creating the ad campaign keep in mind your audience, and how you can get their attention. Think about an ad that you recently clicked on... What was it that make you click on that ad?  Was it a video? Was it am image? People want to be entertained, want to see humor, and want to relate to your messaging. Stand out and be entertaining. 

4. Be Relevant

Ah, the word “relevant”. It is something all brands must be these days to succeed, yet the concern of irrelevancy strikes fear in online marketers hearts. All of the above are helpful tips on grabbing the attention of consumers, but studies have shown that users are more likely to click on ads that they think are useful to them and their situation.

Make sure you understand your makes your client tick. What annoys them, what makes them happy? Listen to your prospective clients when you are interviewing them. What are they unhappy about with your competitor. Look at your testimonials and see what it is that your clients love about you. Those are the things you should communicate and this is what will make your content relatable. 

Create Online Digital Display Advertising that makes your heart happy with our Marketing Tips!

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