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Top 3 Email Marketing Strategies & Tips You Need To Know

We’ve heard it over and over again. Businesses complain that their email marketing campaigns aren’t performing the way they expected. They’ve invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars and they’re not seeing the results they were hoping for and don’t know what next steps to take. The problem with complaining is that it isn’t productive and it still won’t produce results. If you’re having trouble with your email campaigns, you need education in order to change them for the better. You’ll want to understand email offers and how the type of offer you put out into your emails makes all the difference. The thing about offers is that, just like people, they are all different. If you want certain results, you need to make sure that your offer is designed to reach those results. Take a look at these flawless email marketing tips that you can use to craft emails that perform.

Tip #1: Know Your Offer

What is the purpose of your email campaign?

What is the call to action you want your audience to take? Knowing the purpose of your offer will help you design a more effective email campaign. Taking a look at the most effective email offers based on click-through rate can help you understand the type of offer you should use in your campaigns. The highest click-through offers include:

  • 2023 forecast emails
  • # top list emails
  • “Most read” content emails
  • Checklists
  • On-demand videos
  • Free guides

Emails based on these offers tend to get the best results. When you design your email campaigns, consider the top types of offers. By intentionally using offers with a high click-through rate, you can help boost your email campaign performance.

POP Tip: You can easily add calls to action and even customize offer workflows and automation based on your unique buyer’s journey through email marketing software like HubSpot. Getting more users to opt into your offers is also getting easier through this software. According to a recent HubSpot data report, adding a double opt-in allows for the contact to confirm that they want to receive marketing emails and also obtains immediate positive engagement from the contact. The contact will receive an email from this brand, open it, and click on a link prior to receiving any other marketing emails.

Tip #2: Add Small Things

Just like with most things in life, it’s the small things that matter.

Consistent small things become the big things that stand out, the things that are memorable. When you add small details to your emails, you are adding elements that your audience will appreciate. Effective small features include personalization, small talk, and even a little post-script message. In fact, a P.S. at the end of an email actually increases the click-through rate by 14%! Many businesses find that including a call-to-action in their P.S. is one of the most effective ways to get their audience to take that action. In order to get the results you are hoping for with your email campaigns, make sure you are adding in small elements. They help you keep your emails personal, friendly, and inviting while providing your audience with the key elements and information they need. It’s essential however to keep these added elements consistent with branding and make sure you’re keeping these items consistent throughout the duration of the campaign. 

The skilled team of ThrivePOP designers know what it takes to design emails that maximize conversions.

Tip #3: Consider Your Timing

Get down with the data and really amp up your subject lines during seasonal marketing campaigns.

The recent Apple iOS 15 update has negatively impacted open rates for both B2B and B2C companies across the globe. This update brought Mail Privacy Protection, a feature that allows users to protect their email activity, preventing third-party marketing services from collecting tracking data. Shortly after the update, email send date and time became an extremely important factor that plays into the success of your email marketing strategy. Timing the delivery of your emails can help skyrocket your open rates and help you get the most of your time and money, especially during seasonal campaigns. Here are some of our favorite email marketing examples and statistics about seasonal delivery timing from Jay Schwedelson, President and CEO of Outcome Media [Worldata Group].

CONSUMER (B2C): [‘Fear’ Based Subject Lines OCT-DEC Increase Open Rates 32%]

  • This Will Sellout During Holiday Season…
  • Back In-Stock (better hurry!)
  • These Bestsellers are ALMOST GONE!

BUSINESS (B2B): [‘Fear’ Based Subject Lines OCT-DEC Increase Open Rates 26%]

  • 7 Mistakes to Avoid in 2023
  • Most CFO’s Aren’t Prepared for This In Q1-
  • Major Pitfalls to Avoid in 2023

In Conclusion

If you haven’t seen the results you’ve hoped for with your email campaigns, it’s time to take things up a notch.

From design to subject lines, there are many things to consider when crafting an email. Instead of moping and deciding you just don’t have what it takes, try strategically using effective email marketing tips. By being intentional about using one of the top click-through offers and including small details such as personalization and post-script messages, you can easily increase the effectiveness of your emails. In business, even when things aren’t working the way you want, quitting is not an option. Email marketing can be tough, but by using key elements in your emails, you can jumpstart your emails’ performance.


About ThrivePOP!

ThrivePOP works with clients across the globe to create fully customized email marketing services that fit their unique needs and align with established projected timelines and budgets. Our customized plans are flexible, meaning we can make adjustments as needed along the way to ensure you’re getting the best results in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. 

After creating and implementing an SEO marketing approach for your email campaign, we will monitor its effectiveness and measure results such as search engine rankings, website traffic, and conversions. We will provide you with all of this information so you can see how everything is working behind the scenes. If there’s an area that is underperforming, we will re-evaluate the strategy and implement changes to improve performance. Our job isn’t done until we get real results that align with your goals. And even then, we still won’t stop! We’ll continue to provide you with the most up-to-date online marketing information so your company will always be ahead of the competition.

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Is your marketing living up to its full potential? We can tell you with a FREE consultation!


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