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Website Security: 5 Things You Need To Know About CMS Updates

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If you bought yourself a brand new car, would you fail to change its oil when it needed it? Of course not! Your company's website is the same way. After developing and launching a website, it's extremely important that you continue ongoing updates and maintenance - including CMS updates. "CMS" stands for content management systems which is, essentially, your website development platform.

This platform holds all of your site's data, plug-ins, media, and more. If you don't perform CMS updates, you are putting your business and all of it's stored information at risk. Here we'll discuss 5 reasons why your website needs CMS updates and just how much money it could save you in the long run. 

#1. They Keep Your Website Secure 

Secure Website CMS Updates

Did you know on average it costs over $80,000 to recover from a ransomeware attack? Leaving your site unsecured opens it up to malware and countless viruses. Having a secure website should be an essential business goal for keeping it functional and safe from hackers, which is where CMS updates come in.

CMS updates protect your site plug-ins and themes to ensure that they are updated with the most recent additions. Having a secure website not only protects your company's valuable information, but it also protects your reputation. It's important that the user knows that any information they enter is not up for grabs. 

#2. They Keep Plug-ins and Themes Functioning 

plugins and themes cms

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through a seemingly good website only to stumble upon a section that looks completely broken? Yeah, they probably didn't do their CMS updates. These updates are crucial to not only keeping your site looking pretty, but also ensures elements like forms and animations stay working over time. 

#3. They Improve Search Engine Optimization 

SEO CMS Updates

SEO is a huge facet of your online marketing, and should be a core focus of your marketing activities. Avoiding CMS updates could cause your website to slow down which, in turn, affects your search engine ranking. Google ranks websites based on your target audience user experience. If a site is unsecured and slow, it will make sure it isn't shown to any future users during a related search.

On the other hand, if the site provides relevant content on a secure platform, it will move the website towards the top during searches. CMS updates will keep that user experience score high, so that your website is on good terms with Google's ever-changing algorithm (up to eight times a day!) 

#4. They Keep Your Website Mobile Responsive 

Mobile Responsive CMS Updates

On average, Americans spent over 3 hours a day using the Internet on a mobile device in 2019. This means that it is crucial that your website stays mobile responsive. Regular CMS updates ensures all site plug-ins and features don't lose their format, or essentially, look really weird on your mobile device. When designing a website, consider how the site design can function and look good on multiple devices. The last thing your business wants is to have an old school website!

#5. They Save You Money In The Long Run  

Save Money CMS Updates

Now that you know all the ways CMS updates can help your website, let's look at all the ways it will help your wallet. While you may be resistant to a monthly bill for a company to perform these updates, the cost is quite minimal compared to if, and when, something breaks. Good luck finding a developer who is willing to update a live website with a template that is more than 2 versions out of date! As technology evolves, it's important to keep these updates going to save yourself from a complete website overhaul. Not to mention, having them done regularly saves you time and money so you can focus on other facets of your business including your content marketing strategy, social media marketing, and other digital marketing campaigns. 

CMS updates are essential to keeping your website secure and up-to-date, ensuring your business continues to stay professional in the eyes of the user. Skipping out on them could potentially destroy your online presence, and cost your company thousands of dollars. 





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