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Inbound 2019: What We Learned and How It Will Affect Your Business


On September 3rd the ThrivePOP crew arrived in Boston for HubSpot's Inbound 2019 conference. This star-studded 5-day event taught us the latest industry marketing tips and tricks on converting leads and generating revenue. Since ThrivePOP is a certified HubSpot partner we wanted to give you exclusive access into the event and share with you all the exciting things we learned. Warning, what you are about to read will greatly affect your marketing strategy!

Increasing blog conversions actually isn't that hard. 


It's all about pillar pages! By organizing your blogs using a pillar cluster model you are able to organize your content and rally behind high traffic keywords. For example, let's say you are a personal trainer. When organizing your blog content consider picking out one pillars of your business, say, workout routines. With workout routines as your blog pillar you can then separate blog content by different categories under that pillar such as: workout routines to lose fat, workout routines to build lean muscle, workout routines to increase strength and so on. Doing this consistently increases blog conversions and keeps qualified leads coming back for more. 

Subject lines including "free" and "can't miss" don't go to your spam folder. 


This may have been true circa 2015, but it's a common belief in the marketing industry that emails with words considered "baity" will head right to the spam folder. But filtering has changed greatly within the past 4 years and email systems are getting smarter. Email service providers checks user IP addresses and domain and if they are not engaged (not opening your emails) it goes to junk. So use those can't miss words in your email subject lines, you don't want to market to that unengaged audience anyways. 

Remarketing is where you'll see the most success. 


Remarketing is a form of behavioral retargeting that focuses on audiences who have previously interacted with the brand. It's no secret that remarketing campaigns have always yielded good results, but did you know that on average the conversion rates are 2-3 times higher than a regular ad campaign? Yep! Consider shifting your non-remarketing budget to cheaper 'audience growth' campaigns for the best results. Over 70% of your conversions come from your remarketing audiences, representing on average 10% of your ad spend. 

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