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Professional Design: Why Is a Logo Important for Your Brand?

You recognize a pair of Nike shoes, even without their name. You’re able to do this because of their famous swoosh. This is a pretty impressive example of why a logo is important.

You’re missing out on huge marketing potential if your brand doesn’t yet have a strong logo! Let’s dig a bit deeper into why you need one and who you can go to have one created for you. 

Table of Contents

  • Why Is a Logo Important for Your Brand?
  • A Logo Says A Lot About You, Without Saying a Word
  • They Create a Connection
  • They’re Not Costly to Create
  • Contact ThrivePOP for Professional Logo Design

Why Is a Logo Important for Your Brand?

Whether in the cannabis industry, technology, manufacturing, or anything else: you’ve worked hard to create a name for yourself. A business logo is a visual representation of your company’s brand. Be sure to consider the following:

A Company Logo Says A Lot About You, Without Saying a Word

Your logo is important to your business’s branding efforts because it communicates important concepts like ownership, quality, and values. The right logo says everything without saying a word! 

A simple logo can connote feelings of honor, integrity, trust, pride, excellence, and more. It can make a strong first impression by conveying your company’s values without pages of web content and a team of copywriters crafting the perfect message. It serves as the foundation of your brand identity.

They Create a Connection

A logo evokes a sense of connection between a brand, target audience, and potential customers. This simple, unspoken connection establishes a bond between your company and its community. Fans, friends, critics, allies, and champions unite when they see each other wearing shoes with the same swoosh logo.

They’re Not Costly to Create

It is possible to have style without a substantial budget. The Nike swoosh logo was purchased from a graphic design student in 1971 for $35! You won’t get a logo for that cheap, but it shows that this doesn’t need to be an expensive purchase.

Contact ThrivePOP for Professional Logo Design

The best way to go about it is to convey a sense of style. A quality logo for your business is unique, represents your brand, and tells what you do. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do this alone.

Why is a logo important? Creating a logo can inspire loyalty, instill trust, increase brand recognition, and foster brand loyalty. Choose your logo carefully, so your business can prosper, and you can profit. We want to help you do that! 

Our team of professional graphic designers can create a perfect logo for you, using their creativity and expertise at every step of the process. View our past branding work and then contact ThrivePOP today to learn more.


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