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You've written the perfect blog, crafted the best email, and developed a superior landing page. But you're not generating any leads or conversions and you may be wondering why? A crummy call to action could very well be to blame. Call to actions can make or break the success of your marketing campaigns and lead generation strategies. This is why it's important to know how to perfectly craft the right prompt within the buyer's journey to attract high-quality leads. 

What is a Call To Action?

What is Perfect CTA

So what's the "technical" description of a call to action? A call to action (CTA) is a piece of content intended to influence a user or buyer into performing a specific act or providing contact information. Call to actions started off in the marketing world as blunt and to the point forms of marketing. "Buy Now", "Contact Today", and "Subscribe" are common CTAs used in the early ages of website and email marketing. Now CTAs are playing to the customer psyche to become more affective in influencing customer decisions. 

Influencing Potential Buyers

Influecing Customers

A perfectly crafted CTA influences potential customers to act out of gain for themselves, not for your business. When you are working on ideas, consider the reason the customer would click that button. Are they looking for more information or to be educated? Are they ready to buy? Knowing where the user may be at in the buyer's journey is critical in writing your perfect CTA. This will increase traffic to your site, up your SEO, and potentially gain you new clients.

Resources To Help 

HubSpot Resource

Besides ThrivePOP (duh), there are plenty of resources to assist you in creating perfect CTAs. HubSpot offers great tools and articles that help customize and create unique subject lines and call to actions. Even their own subject line "31 Call-to-Action Examples You Can't Help But Click" got us to download right away! The article even has a free CTA template for you to access with just your email (ironic right?). WordPress Superstars is also another great resource that blogs about creative pop-ups and call to actions you can create directly through the dashboard of your WordPress site. Now we're about to hit you with a perfectly crafted CTA. Ready for free stuff? 


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