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Google News VS. Apple News: What's The Difference And What It Means For Your Business


It's no secret that Google is the king of all marketing. Google controls who see's your content and how your content gets delivered. In 2019 Google News became one of the leading providers in the latest, most buzzed about stories around the globe. However, Apple News decided to take things up a notch in order to compete with the Google News by allowing brands and content creators to post news without a required website. This means any creator can post their content within the confines making it a viable option for those looking for content without a news slant. So where does your business belong, and what are the specific differences? Let's take a look.

Publishing Content

With Apple News you will be required to create a channel then will be asking to author content directly from the News Publisher app. With Google News, content is pulled automatically from Google's crawlers directly from your website. You can facilitate Google to scan your site for news faster by created a Google News sitemap and submitting it to the search console. 


Video Views

Videos featured in the Google News feed will auto play when scrolled over, while with Apple News you have to click on the videos to play. Automatic play views are great for displaying the best part of your content to encourage more views, though it might give a false sense of video success due to the view metrics. 


Both Google and Apple are consistently striving for original and creative content. To optimize your articles, always make sure the content is original with correct fact-checking and credible sources. To ensure you are pulled in a Google News feed make sure all Google sources are configured correctly. For optimizing your Apple News content, choose other news sources within the app that closely relate to your content to ensure you are being exposed to the right audience. 

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